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WHY DOES RICOH OFFER PRINTERS THAT CAN BE PLACED CLOSE AT HAND:The current trend is to centralize printers as much as possible. Why then is Ricoh offering Ricoh Printer Tech Support Phone Number a new range of printers that can be placed close at hand?Today, we work towards having only one multifunctional printer which can be used by everybody within a company. The main reason being to manage and, especially, to hold the lid on the TCO or Total Cost of Ownership. (Purchase, cartridges and maintenance).For some amongst you, this central placing can be less practical and putting a printer or a multifunctional device close at hand becomes necessary. For example: a printer at the cash desk, a printer at an office window, a printer in the management's office, etc.THE MODELS AND THEIR BENEFITS FOR YOUR COMPANY: From today, Ricoh offers you a brand-new collection of 5 printers, three of which are black and white multifunctional printers. The printers: SP 3600DN, SP 4510DN
The multifunctional printers: SP 3600SF, SP 3610SF and SP 4510SF
Discover the many features:
• Professional material with a recto-verso print and scan function
• Fast motors (30 to 40 pages per minute)
• Extremely short preheating of only 6.5 seconds
• Very small: ideal to place on a desk
• Paper trays with, at the least, a capacity of 250 pages (and even 500 for some models) Ricoh Printer Technical Support Number 
• USB or network connection
The model SP 4510SF is equipped with a touch screen, making the device even more user-friendly.


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