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How to set up a VPN on different versions of Android
Before setting up a VPN, you need to know the server address and password to access it. Access to virtual network servers can be found on the Internet, for example, here. The necessary information for configuring a VPN is located in the IP-Address and Login/Password columns. This data will be used when configuring the communication channel. Some services provide server names instead of a numeric address (for example,

Using the built-in Android feature
Setting up the VPN channel itself on all versions of the Android OS follows the same scenario. The differences are only in the interface location of the desired installations.

Open the system settings in the “Wireless networks” column. Go to the item “More”.
How to open additional settings for Android wireless networks
In the “Wireless networks” settings column, open the “More” tab

Open the VPN option.
How to open VPN settings
Open the VPN settings

The system will require you to set a PIN password to exit the smartphone from standby mode, if there is no such setting on the device yet. Therefore, click ” OK ” to go to the desired environment.
How to set a password to unlock your smartphone
When a warning appears, click ” OK»

Select a security measure (PIN or password).
How to choose a way to unlock your smartphone
Choosing a method for additional smartphone blocking to protect your data

Set and remember the access code, then save the installation by clicking “Continue”.
How to set a lock password
Set the lock password or image code, then click “Continue”

Go back to the window with the VPN settings and click the “+” or “Add”button.
How to add a VPN connection on Android
Adding a VPN via a special button

Fill in the fields:
choose any convenient name for the virtual connection;
select the connection filter — different servers run on different protocols (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec PSK, IPSec Hybrid RSA, and others), this information is specified on the page;
enter the server address (it can be an IP address or a familiar Internet address) and click “OK”.
How to set VPN profile parameters
Fill in the required fields and save the changes

After saving, the corresponding button will appear in the list of VPN services. Click it, enter the Login/Password data and click “Connect”.
How to enter a username and password for a virtual network
When connecting to a virtual network, enter your username and password

If there are no problems on the server side, the connection to the network will pass within a few seconds and all phone traffic will pass through the virtual network.

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