Sheridan Hotel In Palawan

This is a review of the Sheridan Beach Resort And Spa in Sabang, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Philippines.

How We Got There

On May 6, 2019, my wife and I and our two daughters ages 7 and 10, drove to Sabang, Puerto Princesa City, where the Sheridan Hotel in Palawan is located. We drove to Sabang from the town of Puerto Princesa City with a rental car. We enjoyed driving on the newly built roads. Lots of winding turns, up and down the mountains on the way to Sabang. We all enjoyed the scenic ride through the rainforest. We also passed Mount Cleopatra’s Needle.

palawan island

Arrival & Check-In

After driving about an hour or so, we finally reached Sabang. Just before we reached the beach area, there’s to our right was the entrance to the Sheridan Hotel in Palawan. The entrance looked nice and grand. There were plenty of ATVs on the property. I think they are for rent. They also have a parking lot for us to park our rental car at no charge.

Video of Entrance Of Sheridan Hotel In Palawan

So, the next step is to check-in. The hotel staff seems to be a little too relaxed. Although they were polite and helped us with some of our luggage, they could have been warmer and friendlier I think. The actual check-in was pretty straightforward since we booked in advance online. I suggest that you book in advance if you’re considering staying here. The Sheridan Hotel in Palawan is one of the most popular hotel resorts in the area. I suggest booking your rooms for at least a month in advance. I don’t think that they have rooms for walk-ins. We booked in advance online through Agoda is an excellent hotel booking website. They offer tremendous discounts when you book your room through them.

Lobby of the sheridan hotel in palawan
This is the center of the lobby area. You can’t see in the picture, but to the left is the check-in counter. To the right are a souvenir shop, a bar, and restaurant, and the tour guide area.

The Room

After we checked-in, we got assigned our room. We’re a bit disappointed with the location of our room. It was on the “Mountain View” side. I was hoping that we could get upgraded to the “Pool View” so the kids can have access to the Pool Area from our room but they were fully booked and didn’t have enough beds for us on that side of the hotel. The only rooms they got left, where a family of four could be accommodated, were all on the “mountain view” side of the hotel. I suggest that you get a “Pool View” room on the ground floor if you are going to stay here at the Sheridan Hotel in Palawan.

Anyhow, the room had a mini-fridge, TV, Phone, a nice bathroom and plenty of storage for your things. It also had a table, chairs, and a double door in the back of the room leading to a small patio. The bathroom was nice and large. We got two double beds, so the four of us were able to sleep comfortably. The Air Conditioner in the room could get really cold, which is excellent. The room feature I love the most is the WIFI. Yes, they have internet in Sheridan.

sheridan hotel puerto princesa city
This is the view that you will see after you checked-in and enter the resort area.

Room Service

The room service menu looked good, so we decided to order food for dinner. It didn’t take very long until our order was delivered. The staff who delivered our food were courteous and friendly. The food was good. We stored our left-over in the fridge so we can eat it again later but the only problem was, there was no microwave in the room to heat the food up. But up to this point, our overall experience with the Sheridan Hotel in Palawan had been good. It was starting to feel like we were on a vacation.

The Pool Area

Okay, the pool was nice and huge. I’ll give it a two thumbs up. There have two smaller pool areas within the main swimming pool for the kids. There is a bar in the middle of the pool where you can buy drinks and stuff.

bar in sheridan in the middle of the swimming pool
A bar in the middle of the swimming pool

We enjoyed the pool so much that we swam, took a break, and then swam some more all night until they close down the pool around 11 pm. During the day, the view was beautiful. Mountains on one side and the beach and the ocean on the other side.

mountain view sheridan hotel palawan

By the way, there were guards and lifeguards around all the time in the pool area. Just ask them for some towels if you need some. There are showers that you can use right there by the poolside so you can rinse after you’re done swimming. We also shot basketball right there in the pool. They had a little basketball board in the pool. That was fun. Our stay at the Sheridan Hotel in Palawan was starting to turn into a great experience. The kids were loving it.

The Gym Area

If you are into fitness, this hotel has a small gym located at the poolside close to the entrance of the hotel. The gym is nothing special. But they have enough equipment to get a nice workout here. I saw 2 stationary bikes, 2 or 3 benches, a universal workout station, and a bunch of dumbells. Don’t expect to do some heavy lifting here though.

At Night

There was a fire dance show that we missed on the beach. It was supposed to start at around 8 pm. It was part of the resort’s nightly events. If you come here, don’t miss the show as we did.

Beach side view of the Sheridan Hotel in Palawan

Anyhow, we decided to just go for a stroll along the beach. It was a beautiful night. The warm temperature was just perfect. The sky was clear and the stars were out. The sound of the waves was so relaxing. It was a night to remember for our family.

Oh, we found some hammocks hanging on coconut trees in front of the resort. So we just chilled out and lounged around for a little bit in the hammocks. Believe it or not, we went back to the pool to swim some more after the stroll. We had a good family night fun and we called it a night.

The Free Breakfast

Our stay at the Sheridan Hotel In Palawan came with a free breakfast. So as soon as we woke up, we got ready and just came to the restaurant area. A hotel staffer was waiting there at the entrance to help their guests.

free breakfast buffet at sheridan hotel palawan

The food selection was ok. I couldn’t complain since it was free. Our table was outside on the patio area of the restaurant where you can see the beach as you sip on your coffee and eat your free breakfast. I’d say it was a good deal overall.

beachside breakfast at the sheridan hotel in palawan

Outside The Resort

After we ate our free breakfast, we checked out the area. Not far from the resort along the beach, there were rows of shops and restaurants. This area is the main commercial area of Sabang. At the nearby pier, pump boats are scheduled to depart going to the infamous Underground River. We decided not to go to the Underground River at this time. The Sheridan Hotel Resort gave us more than enough to enjoy for a day. We decided to spend the rest of our time on the beach and in the swimming pool instead. By the way, Sheridan hotel can arrange a boat to take you to the Underground River. Don’t bother bargaining with the locals. Just go to the tour desk in the main lobby of the hotel or ask a staffer about it.

Sabang, palawan

The Beach

Since we only have a few more hours until the check-out time. We decided to swim in the ocean and let the kids play on the beach. They played on the sands while the wife and I swam. The water was clear, clean, and warm. It was just perfect.

Sabang Beach

In front of the Sheridan Hotel in Palawan is the Sabang Beach

After we’re done at the beach, it’s was almost time to check-out. One quick dip in the swimming pool, cleaned up, checked out, and off we went. I guess one day is not enough to fully appreciate what this place has to offer. We will definitely come back one of these days. The Sheridan Hotel in Palawan is one of the best places we’ve ever stayed at. I highly recommend this place.

In Closing

I hope that this blog has helped you somehow get an idea of what the Hotel Sheridan In Palawan is about. Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Keep in mind that we went as a family. For somebody who is single and has time to do other activities, it could be a different experience for you. This place has a lot more to offer. I didn’t cover their gym and their spas and massages that are performed on the beach.

If you decide to go, consider booking through Agoda. They usually have cheaper rates than most online booking places. You can click here to book your room now! By the way, the official name of this hotel resort is Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa.

If you have comments or questions, leave them in the comment box below.

Happy travels!

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